Foundation Repair & Construction Mason in Morris and Sussex County

Get Started with a Solid Foundation
When you're starting to construct a new building, obviously the first step is the foundation. The talented team of foundation contractors from Affordable Masonry LLC can help you get started by building a sturdy concrete block foundation that will last for years to come. We can also create new walls out of stone, concrete, or brick as part of the construction process.

Foundation Repair and Creation
If you've realized your building's existing foundation is starting to crack or crumble, reach out to Affordable Masonry LLC. We can efficiently repair any damage to your foundation and make it structurally sound once again.

However, if the damage is more extensive, we may have to either rebuild the foundation entirely or replace it with a new one. These larger projects will pay off in the long run by preventing costly, more frequent repairs.

No Job is Too Big!
No foundation is too large for our crew to build or repair. You're sure to appreciate our attention to detail in every single job we complete. All our masonry work is done using the best materials available today. We offer highly reasonable rates.